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About us

About iNOCA

iNOCA LogoiNOCA was established to provide a professional solution for the management and construction of projects.

Our project managers, technical staff and site supervisors understand construction projects and have extensive experience in this field. They will provide a complete on-site service based on experience and a practical approach to problem solving and project management.


We guarantee to use only the best qualified and skilled people on your job
We guarantee to finish your project to the very high standard you expect and will be proud of
We guarantee that, should you ever be dissatisfied with the quality of our workmanship, we’ll put it right

Our Clients

  • Fixed Price Quotes - no surprises.
  • Projects are planned out and tracked to ensure a guaranteed completion date.
  • Experienced Project Managers to ensure targets are met.
  • Experienced Trade Qualified Tradesmen
  • Supervision of subtrades to ensure the highest quality of work.
  • Our price will be competitive and will add value to your project.

Our Services

Design & Built

Inoca offers Full Design and Built Projects.

Construction Projects

Resort, Commercial and Residential Construction Projects

Repair & Maintenance

Improvements to your home or apartments

Advance Water Proofing

All aspects of building works